Your 230 MPG Chevy Volt: Get Insurance Rates

Your 230 MPG Chevy Volt: Get Insurance Rates

From the successful Cash for Clunkers program to an increased interest in fuel economy in general, the new Chevy Volt has generated a great deal of buzz, thanks in part to the publicity garnered through their viral marketing campaign boasting the Chevy Volts incredible fuel efficiency of 230 mpg. Let us take a closer look at what makes the Chevy Volt desirable, how it managed to achieve a 230 mpg rating, as well as some options on where you can find some great car insurance rates for your new Volt.

What makes the Chevy Volt desirable?

If Chevrolet’s claims regarding its new Chevy Volt are accurate, this new car stands to revolutionize the way we commute and think about fuel economy. According to their press release, if you drive less than 40 miles per day, the Chevy Volt will consume zero traditional fuel and create zero emissions. In other worlds, according to Chevy, the future of personal automobile has arrived, and it is rated at 230 mpg.

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How can it be rated 230 mpg?

When considering the Chevy Volt’s rating of 230 miles per gallon, it is worth remembering the Environmental Protection Agency is still working out the kinks on how they will test new electric cars for fuel efficiency . As the procedure currently stands, a car is expected to be charged up once a day. Unlike most electric cars or hybrids, the Chevy Volt will be able to complete up to forty miles of completely gasoline free driving on that charge. This means that around three quarters of commuters would be able to do their daily driving without any gasoline at all. The Chevy Volt only begins using gasoline once its electric charge has run down, which is where the 230 mpg rating comes from.

Where can you find car insurance rates for this new car?

Of course, once you decide to make the plunge, it will be necessary to look into getting insurance rates for your new Chevy Volt. These days, there are a handful of websites that can serve as a one stop shop to get insurance rates. Autocareinsurance .com, for instance, provides you quotes on insurance rates from the top providers without the hassle of contacting each insurance provider and haggling with them on your own.

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