Top Insurance Fraud Claims – What You Should Never Do

Top Insurance Fraud Claims – What You Should Never Do

Never Leave Keys in Car

Never Leave Keys in Car

If you are struggling with your finances during these troubling economic times, you might be tempted to dabble in a little bit of insurance fraud in order to get some fast cash. But, before you start toying with your insurance, keep in mind that insurance fraud is a serious crime and that most attempts to collect a quick insurance settlement will get discovered rather quickly. Here’s a look at a few things fraudsters might try to do to get an insurance settlement and how their ruse will easily be uncovered.

Leaving the Key Inside the Car

It seems simple enough – if you leave your keys in your unlocked car, a thief can easily walk off with your ride. But, that is part of the problem with this tactic. After all, if your car is recovered, it won’t take much for the detective to realize that your car was not forcibly entered. In addition, when you suddenly have a missing set of keys, things will look even more suspicious.

Claiming Whiplash

While it is certainly possible to suffer from whiplash when you are involved in an automobile accident, investigators can look at the damage to your vehicle in order to determine whether or not you could have really suffered from whiplash. If you weren’t hit at a right angle or if you weren’t hit hard enough, suffering from whiplash is quite unlikely.

Including Old Damage with Your Damage Report

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If you are involved in an accident, you might be tempted to claim that previous damage occurred during the accident. But, the reality is that investigators can perform a rust analysis and look at wear patterns in order to determine how old the damage really is.

Unfortunately, it is fraudulent attempts such as these that are partly responsible for increased auto insurance costs. Treat your insurance policy honestly, on the other hand, and you will be sure to get just the protection you need when you need it most.

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