Tips for Preventing Your Car from Being Stolen

Tips for Preventing Your Car from Being Stolen

There is nothing more disheartening than coming out of your home or from a store to discover that your car has been stolen. Not only is it upsetting to have your vehicle and all of its belongings taken from you, you might also face auto insurance rate increases or other hassles when filing a claim. Therefore, in order to avoid all of the extra stress, it is a good idea to take some proactive steps toward keeping your vehicle safer from theft. Here’s a look at a few simple things you can do to help deter a potential car thief.

· Close your sunroof and windows when parking your vehicle.
· Never leave a set of spare keys in your vehicle.
· Do not leave your motor running in your vehicle, even if you are running in somewhere for “just a second” or to warm it up on a cold morning.
· Keep your car in your driveway rather than parked on the street. If you must park in the street, choose an area that is well lit. If you have a garage, use it.
· Turn your car wheels sharply away from or toward the curb when parking
· If you have a manual transmission, park the vehicle in reverse or in first gear. If you have an automatic transmission, place it in park.
· Don’t leave valuable items in plain site on the floor or on the seats of the car.
· Install burglar alarms, steering wheel locks and other anti-theft devices.

In addition to taking these steps to keep your vehicle protected from theft, there are a few things you should do to keep your identity protected and to make it easier to recover your vehicle and to file any necessary claims. Some of these include:

· Keep your proof of insurance and vehicle registration in a safe place outside of your vehicle.
· Make photocopies of your vehicle registration and proof of insurance for other drivers in your family.
· Never keep anything in your vehicle that contains your social security number, your name and address or any other personal information.

By following these simple tips, you can significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim – and you will be able to count on your vehicle being right where you left it the last time you saw it.

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