Testing a Teen for Driving Discounts

Testing a Teen for Driving Discounts

Teenage Drivers Car Insurance Premiums DiscussedAny parent that finally has a teenager behind the wheel of the family car knows that not only will your concern for their safety go up, but so will your insurance premiums. Teenage drivers tend to be in the most accidents, be more distracted, as well as have the least experience behind the wheel of a vehicle. These things add up to one problem: insurance rates for a teen in your home can mean big bucks for the insurance premiums.

As reported by MyFoxLubbock.com, there are some ways a family with new drivers can save. Some of these include the new teenage driver getting good grades, being a student away from home, driving an older car, and even monitoring their driving habits with on board electronics.

Keeping teenagers safe on the road doesn’t have to break the bank! Read the entire article here. 

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