Save On Insurance with Top Safety Pick Cars

Save On Insurance with Top Safety Pick Cars

Save On Insurance with Top Safety Pick Cars

Updated 7/31/18 – Finding a new car that will keep you alive and well and help you save on car insurance has never been easier. Simply click over to and find the top rated 2015 safety picks of vehicles that will help you and your family survive an accident.

Some of these new automobiles have the highest possible rating for crashes, some because of the new “optional front crash prevention.”

What is optional front crash prevention? From the website:

“IIHS launched its front crash prevention rating program in 2013 to help consumers sort through a maze of technologies and zero in on the most effective systems. The ratings are based on research by HLDI indicating that forward collision warning and autobrake systems help drivers avoid front-to-rear crashes at both low speeds and moderate speeds.

Under the three-tier rating program, models with optional or standard front crash prevention systems are rated as superior, advanced or basic. Ratings are determined by whether the vehicles have available autobrake, and, if so, how it performs in tests at 12 and 25 mph. The availability of forward collision warning also is factored in.”

View their table of rating the front crash prevention at this link.

So you’ve done your homework and found a new car that will keep you safe, go insure it! »

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