Save On Gas with a Truck Cover

Save On Gas with a Truck Cover

Although the prices have been falling at the gas pumps lately, it is still a good idea to do anything you can to help you save on your gas consumption.  If you are a truck owner, you may have been considering selling your truck in order to save some money on your gas costs.  According to, however, there are several things you can do to help save on fuel while still driving the truck you love.

According to the websites marketing manager, Bob Moore, one of the best ways to save on fuel is to purchase a tonneau cover.

“As gas prices continue to shoot through the roof, many drivers are seeking ways to stretch every gallon they buy,” Moore said in a recent press release.  “Truck owners are being hit especially hard at present. Truck bed covers help extend mileage and keep money in the owners’ pockets.”

There are actually several different types of covers that a truck driver can use in order to help improve gas mileage, but Moore claims the tonneau cover is the best option when it comes to saving on gas while also improving the appearance and the performance of the truck.

“A truck bed cover can increase overall fuel economy by as much as 10 percent,” continued Moore. “There are studies that show a tonneau cover can reduce airflow in a truck bed and, in turn, reduce drag by as much as 11 percent in comparison to an uncovered truck. This can translate to a substantial amount of money savings by reducing unnecessary fuel consumption.”

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