New York Residents Go Online to Save on Car Insurance

New York Residents Go Online to Save on Car Insurance

New York Residents with a home computer or library card are reducing their points and insurance premiums. That’s right; New York residents are going online and saving on their car insurance!

Most importantly, not only can New Yorker’s lower their points by four, residents can also save 10 percent on their liability and collision premiums by participating in “The Point and Insurance Reduction Program” through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV).

Courses must be approved by the NYSDMV and require a minimum 320 minutes (six hours) of instruction and must be completed within 60 days of the course enrollment date. Also, the courses typically require the registrant to answer 70% of the course content questions correctly.

Six hours of instruction may seem excessive but after the 10 percent savings, participating in the course is definitely worth it!

Key things to note, the course will not change any existing suspensions or revocations, does not affect a driver responsibility assessment, and the course cannot be used as credit against future driver violation points.

Finally, after completing the course make sure you contact your insurance company and let them know to take advantage of the benefits and savings. Although the state computer systems are updated automatically your insurance company will have no record.

New York Residents Save on Car Insurance

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