Liability or Full Coverage: Which is Right for You?

Liability or Full Coverage Which is Right for You

Liability or Full Coverage: Which is Right for You?

Auto Insurance Policies Decision Time: Liability or Full Coverage

When purchasing an insurance policy, one decision you will have to make is whether to purchase full coverage or liability coverage. If you have taken out a loan in order to purchase the vehicle, your lender will likely require you to obtain full coverage. If you are left to decide on the type of coverage that you want on your own, however, it is important to know the differences between the two forms of coverage so you can choose the one that is right for you.

What is Liability Coverage?

Liability coverage covers the cost of injuries and property damage created by an accident that you cause. This prevents you from being financially responsible for the damages you cause in an accident. Most states have a minimum liability coverage that must be in place for drivers to legally drive.

What is Full Coverage?

Full coverage insurance pays for the costs associated with your personal damage, even if you caused the accident. This means covering the cost of your medical expenses as well as paying to repair or replace your personal vehicle that was damaged. The more valuable your vehicle, the more likely you are to want to be protected by full coverage auto insurance.

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