Introducing the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

Introducing the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

BMW’s newest concept car, the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics, combines the environmental advantages of a hybrid car with the high performance of a sports car. Sleekly futuristic in design, the Vision EfficientDynamics also boasts photosensitive glass that darkens in response to bright light or glare, allowing better visibility and improving driver safety. The use of lightweight materials and the vehicle’s streamlined silhouette allow high fuel efficiency, while Kevlar framed seats provide passenger safety in the event of a collision.

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Details released by the auto manufacturer indicate that the Vision EfficientDynamics will incorporate a three-cylinder turbodiesel engine with two electric motors, allowing enhanced fuel economy without sacrificing pickup or performance. A proprietary software program combines both the hybrid and electric powertrains, producing an engine capable of 356 horsepower, comparable with other performance vehicles on the market. Environmental concerns have not been neglected, however; the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics uses standard plug-in hybrid technology with an estimated driving range of about 400 miles, making it a viable choice for green enthusiasts. Seating four comfortably, the Vision EfficientDynamics may produce the highest performance of any family-friendly hybrid on the market.

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