Getting the Insurance You Need for Overseas Travel

Getting the Insurance You Need for Overseas Travel

Check for Travel Auto Insurance

Check for Travel Auto Insurance

With summer quickly approaching, you might be setting your sites on doing a little traveling. If you are one of the lucky few who can still afford to travel overseas during these difficult economic times, you will want to be certain to have all of your insurance inn proper order before you embark on your trip.

Auto Insurance

If you are planning an overseas trip, having proper car insurance in place is an absolute must if you will be renting a vehicle or doing any driving while on your trip. Many standard auto insurance policies do not provide protection to those who are driving outside of the United States. So, be sure to contact your auto insurance company to find out what is and is not covered and to make any necessary changes to your insurance policy.

You might also want to look into receiving an international driver’s license and, at the very least, read up on the road rules for the country you are visiting. In many cases, the rules of the road are quite different in other countries when compared to the United States.

Health Insurance

Having adequate health insurance coverage in place is also essential when traveling overseas. As with auto insurance, most health insurance plans do not provide coverage when traveling outside of the country. So, see about increasing your coverage before you go or check into purchasing traveler’s insurance through an independent agency. If you are booking your trip through a travel company, that company may offer traveler’s insurance that will provide you with the coverage you need while on your trip.

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Lost Luggage Insurance

We have all heard the horror stories about luggage getting lost by the airlines. Unfortunately, many of these stories are completely true, as luggage does get lost on a more frequent basis than the airlines would like to admit. While your homeowner’s insurance may cover your personal property, many policies do not cover lost luggage. With lost luggage insurance, however, you can rest easy in knowing that you will be financially compensated for the items that are lost.

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