Consumers Polled Regarding Energy Crisis Solutions

Consumers Polled Regarding Energy Crisis Solutions

Biofuels have received a great deal of attention lately and, according to a poll commissioned by the Ethanol Promotions and Information Council (EPIC), a large number of consumers view biofuel as being the answer to providing the United States with long term energy security. 

According to a press release from EPIC, the majority of consumers felt the best answer to alleviating our current energy situation is to produce biofuels.  In fact, 73% felt oil should be replaced by biofuels such as ethanol.  Ethanol wasn’t the only solution supported by consumers, however, as 62% also felt that more attention should be placed on conservation.  58% of those polled also felt that we should increase our domestic drilling while 55% felt that manufacturers should be mandated to product vehicles that are more environmentally friendly.  24% felt more drilling should be conducted in environmentally-friendly areas while only 7% felt that importing more foreign oil was a sound answer to resolving the current energy problems. 

One thing that almost everyone agrees upon is that the use of flex-fuel vehicles is one solution that warrants more exploration and emphasis.  Nonetheless, more options need to be explored.

“Our nation’s addiction to imported oil has cost us dearly, in both financial and security terms.  For decades, there has been outrage when energy prices skyrocket.  When they plummet, the issue of renewable energy is put on the backburner,” said Toni Nuernberg, Executive Director of EPIC.  “Complacency is no longer an option.  Consumers are engaged in the energy debate and they need to stay in the debate.”

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