CNN Money Paints Realistic Auto Insurance Expectations

CNN Money Paints Realistic Auto Insurance Expectations

Realistic Auto Insurance’s recent article about auto insurance tells it ‘like it is’ when it comes to the top things to know about auto insurance.

For starters, you’re a statistic. Many companies use gimmicks, mascots, and feel good celebrities to make sure you are on board with their rate programs, but the reality is you are just a number, a set of risks that they base their premiums on.

Secondly, comparison shopping is the same in auto insurance as it is in any other competing business: get the best deal by comparing car insurance rates.

Next, beware of price tag shopping, get the facts about the insurance company’s history when it comes to claims and financial history.

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Be sure to ask for more than just basic coverage, chances are in an auto accident you will need more than the state minimum required amount. Check all your options!

Don’t forget to ask for discounts! Many times you already qualify for them, but all you have to do is ask. Multiple car discounts, insuring home and car together, good grades for students are just a few.

In an accident, many times insurers want to replace your parts with inferior ones from aftermarket companies. Demand OEM parts (original equipment manufacturers) to make sure your vehicle is restored like new.

In the event of a claim, your insurer isn’t necessarily your friend: what you find to be compensation may be more than what the ‘stats’ add up to be from your insurer, make sure you prove your losses and get what you deserve in the case of an accident claim.

Update and preview your policy often so no hidden surprises catch you unaware!

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