July 16, 2018

Your Teen Doesn’t Need a Sports Car

Thursday, January 15th, 2015 9:29 am

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Best Cars for Teens?

Best Cars for Teens?

Teenagers dream of flying down the road in a shiny sports car loaded with friends, fun and loud music. Unfortunately, do to a much higher crash probability due to age, giving a new teen driver something with too many horses under the hood just isn’t a good idea.

In a recent article from thezebra.com entitled “The Worst Cars for Teen Drivers,” we learn that speed and size are actually ranked lower than a more specific size and kind of car. While size may matter in an accident, a large vehicle does carry the problem of rolling over depending on the size and its center of gravity. And your small, sporty and speedy convertible is fun but not for a newly licensed adolescent.

So what kind of car was ranked highest for size, speed and safety for a new juvenile driving junky? Your basic four cylinder sedan. So forget the new paint job with the high priced rear wheel drive tire melter, and just grab your teenager a four banger with a so-so paint job and a few dents. Chances are they’ll just add a few more themselves anyway!

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