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Back to School Car Insurance Rate Search

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 9:46 am

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Back to school means shopping for clothes, backpacks, pencils and protractors. But did you know it’s a great time to shop for teen driver insurance rates? If your teenager is just beginning to drive, or has had his license for a year or two, back to school time is a perfect time to shop for better rates for your teen, and the whole family.

Insurance companies want you to compare rates. It’s why many of them offer comparison quotes, sometimes right on their web site. Rates can vary drastically, so it pays to shop around. A reliable and honest insurance agent can help you compare rates, but sometimes they only represent a few companies, so they can’t offer you a comprehensive comparison.

Teenage Driver Insurance Quotes

Teenage Driver Insurance Quotes

Of course, it is not economical to find a low insurance rate only to have the insurance company give you the run -around when you need to file a claim. That’s why the insurance industry has a rating system. Check for good marks and low rates. You can find reviews of companies online.

It’s important to get all the discounts you can when paying for insurance. Your teen should maintain a B average for a good student discount. The company will look at the previous semester’s grades, so keep this in mind if your student will be getting her license during the following semester.

Back to school shopping should include a review of your car insurance rates to make the year easier financially. Raising kids is expensive enough.

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