10 Tips That Will Help Save On Car Insurance

10 Tips That Will Help Save On Car Insurance

By Barry Allen

Worries about what will happen in the unforeseen future makes us ensure our home, life, car, and health. Each year most individuals pay hundreds of dollars as insurance premiums and very often there are no claims to be made at all.

Intelligent consumers find ways in which to reduce insurance costs. So before insuring the car you own take cognisance of the following rules and you will be able to lower considerably the premium payable.

Surf the World Wide Web and read the numerous articles and tips on auto insurance posted by experts in the insurance field. Follow as many tips as you can like keeping the car in good condition, and having a blemish free driving record.

1. Never sign up for the first car insurance offer. Prices vary not just from insurance company to company but between online auto insurance directories and insurance offices. Log on to the website consumeraction.gov/insurance.shtml and compare rates charged by leaders in the field of insurance.

2. Never choose a new entrant to the insurance field. Choose a company that has a proven track record in the auto insurance business and is financially stable. The wellbeing of various insurance companies that cover vehicles can be studied at sites hosted by rating companies like A.M. Best and Standard & Poor. Always check with the local better business bureau whether the company you are considering buying car insurance from has any complaints or pending cases.

3. Think insurance costs even before you decide to buy a car. Whether a new or used car is being bought find out how much the insurance will be. Most auto insurance premiums are based on the cost of the vehicle, overall safety record, and theft risk. Check out the tips given by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety at iihs.org.

4. When you think insurance premiums choose to pay higher deductibles. Paying higher deductibles will reduce the cost of yearly/monthly auto insurance premiums. Increasing the deductible by USD 300 can reduce insurance coverage costs by 15-30 percent.

5. Buy all your insurance from one company. Many companies offer competitive rates for consumers who buy multiple policies from them. Further since the company already knows your credit report and score and how reliable you are they will offer great discounts.

Insurance premiums payable for vehicles depend on several variables like cost of car, where you live, how much you drive, maintenance of car, adoption of safety and anti theft norms and so on. While having a comprehensive policy will give you peace of mind you need to select the extent of coverage intelligently. Agents and companies benefit from selling you comprehensive coverage but often you just may not need everything. Check does your health plan cover accidents, if yes then your car insurance policy need not duplicate this aspect. If in doubt take the help of an insurance advisor to determine how much auto insurance is sufficient.

Auto insurance is a part of existence but it need not set you back by several hundred dollars. Choose a car insurance policy intelligently.

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